Your Solution

Our investment management process:

  1. Research and select investments
  2. Interact with client via email and phone calls throughout investment process
  3. Execute trades
  4. Monitor and rebalance portfolio
  5. Discuss risk tolerance and portfolio management on an annual basis

To build and preserve wealth, the ultra-rich have always had teams of experts working on their behalf. Common sense tells us that working with a professional investment firm over time could make a difference in anyone’s portfolio. The wealthy can meet the high minimums of traditional wealth management firms. But what about the rest of us?

For the average investor the options can seem limited, confusing, and expensive. Until now.

Karen Ramsey, a Certified Financial PlannerTM practitioner for over 20 years, author of Think Again: New Money Choices, Old Money Myths and Caring for Your Soul in Matters of Money®, and founder of independent Seattle investment firm Ramsey & Associates, has a solution built just for you.

Karen and her team are now able to offer her high-caliber money management to clients with almost any account size, located anywhere in the US, through

This revolutionary web-interactive solution is the culmination of her life-long dream of offering professional service, not just to the wealthy, but to everyone. Once, only the very rich had access to a professional like Karen Ramsey. That was then.

This is Investment Management for the rest of usTM!