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"Popp Off with Mary Jane"
August 13, 2013

Do you feel secure with your investments? Will you be able to retire? How will the market influence your future? Should you pay for college tuition for your children? Learn answers to these questions and more as author Karen Ramsey of talks with host Mary Jane Popp about money matters.

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"Hotline" with Tootie Cooksey
August 13, 2013

Tootie Cooksey, host of "Hotline" interviews Karen Ramsey of on her book, Caring for Your Soul in Matters of Money®. What do you want your life to be about? How can your daily thoughts empower you to give your personal gift to the world?

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"First News with Niki Thunder"
August 8, 2013

Karen Ramsey of talks with Nikki Thunder, news director for KCHE-AM. Should you try to time the market? What should you be considering as 2013 comes to a close? Where can you find professional investment help if you don't have $100,000 or more to invest?

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"Money Baggage" segment with Ken Johanessen
August 7, 2013

Ken Johanessen, host of KWCC-TV interviews Karen Ramsey of about money baggage. What is YOUR money baggage that holds you back from the infinite possibilities in your life? How do we get over the implications of our money baggage and move on to a better quality of life?

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"Money Matters" segment with Jeff Williams
August 2, 2013

Karen Ramsey of speaks about money matters to Jeff Williams, Station Manager / News & Public Affairs Director for WSIU, an NPR affiliate. What can the Federal Reserve do for the market? What effect does the global economy have on the U.S. economy? How should your asset allocation be split between stocks and bonds in this economy?

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"Media Maven" with Marie Swift
April 23, 2013

Marie Swift interviews well-known NAPFA Advisor, Karen Ramsey, as she rolls out a flexible investment option for investors with smaller nest eggs at

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"Chat with Women" with Amanda Dubois & Monica Cary
March 15, 2012

Karen Ramsey of speaks with divorce attorneys Amanda Dubois and Monica Cary about taking the first steps when considering divorce. Karen posits that there is nothing more important than their happiness, including money. "Money will never bring you happiness. Only by being present in your life and making choices that support yourself will really bring you that true happiness."

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